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Are you also attracted by Tier 1? How to reach a stable GEO

What are some of the workflow features and key characteristics with Tier 1?

Let’s start with the fact that Tier 1 works very differently than Tier 2 and 3. There’s a completely different audience out there that is willing to pay you and bring you a big ROI. The ROI on Tier 1 offers is much higher now. It’s harder to make money on it, but at the same time, it’s easier. Tier 1 has advantages, but it also has challenges to work with.

As they say, now you need to fly in with two feet and don’t be afraid. 

How is Tier 1 different from Tier 2/3?

As I mentioned, the traffic itself is much more expensive in Tier 1 – and that’s the first difference. You need to realise that you will have to spend more, take more risks, and the risks will be much greater. 

I don’t see anything in common between different GEOs – the approaches to work are different, and everything else is different. 

Which country should a beginner choose for arbitrage? How quickly can he move to Tier 1?

It is very important to ask questions, learn, communicate with affiliates and advertisers.

You will not make an informed decision to go somewhere on your own. Follow what is happening in arbitrage chats, ask managers in affiliates. 

What is the right way to test offers on Tier 1? How long does it take to make a normal test?

How do we test? The first thing we test is creatives. We launch one campaign for $300, we make 3-4 groups and put one creative in each group. From this we start from there – which creative works better, which one is cheaper, which one goes better in the dept. On the basis of this creative, we rock this creative and make similar ones that work.

Are there any classic types of creos that work in Tier 1?

I would generally advise not to apply approaches that were used at Tier 3, for example, to Kazakhstan or Brazil. The audience at Tier 1 is different, things work differently.

On Tier 1, I would advise using live creatives, doing creatives with bloggers, interactives, depicting cars, girls, money, etc.

What are the popular gambling-offers in Tier 1 and how do you choose them?

We have been working with Ice Casino, with Wazamba for a very long time and still are. 1RED is very good for Italy and Spain. All of these offers are now available in our affiliate program and others, it’s not difficult to get them, there are caps — that is, there are no problems with it at all.

What are some effective approaches to get conversions in Tier 1 countries? Which metrics should you pay the most attention to?

First of all, you need to understand that arbitrage is maths. When you have an offer, you look at the statistics and calculate what price of an install will suit you, so that this offer will be a plus. You should also look at the price of registration. 

So, we see the price of the install, the CTR of the creative – whether it will be clickable and interesting at all, and the CPM – the price per 1000 impressions. If it’s high and growing, you see that your install is too big, according to your calculations it should be somewhere around

5 quid, but it’s over 10 – then it’s clear that something is wrong, and you need to work with the creative.

How do you scale plus links?

Scaling can happen by accounts – if you’re working with logs. We’re working with BM 250 and BM unlimited right now. Scaling through them is much easier and we can give spends of $2000-4000 or more.

You $50 bolt on, get ten instals on Tier 1 and that’s it.

That is, to work and scale today, you need to take accounts from which you can give a lot of spending per day.

How to understand that the offer burned out?

When selecting an offer, you should look at the audience. The audience for France can be 20 million, for Lithuania – up to a million. That is, you can immediately realise that the offer will quickly burn out in a country where there are few people. 

If you see that the price of an installation is growing, the CPM is growing, you should not look for ways to reduce it. You need to realise that you have already been squeezed out somewhere, and competitors have taken over, and perhaps you just need to leave this country, and not pour your money somewhere else.

Everyone says that you need a big budget to work with Tier 1, is this true? Approximately what should be the budget for the first bay?

You should go into Tier 1 with the understanding that you are serious and you have resources to spend a lot. You can pour in “zero” for a long time, but at a distance you will have an ROI of 50. That is, you need to work on it, do not be afraid to pour and spend. 

There is a theory that the price per click for a Tier 1 country is 550% higher compared to Tier 3, is this true?

It is true because traffic is much more expensive and the price per 1000 impressions is much higher. 

So in Tier 1 traffic is more expensive and you have to spend a lot more to see what kind of end result you can get.

Can you tell us about your first experience of pouring into Tier 1? Was it positive or negative, in the “plus”, in the “minus” or in the “zero”? If positive, what ROI did you get?

The first offer on Tier 1 was on GEO – France, it went to “zero”, but after some time it was somewhere around ROI 20. For the first time, it was not a bad result.

How long did it take to have a stable income on Tier 1?

The first 2-3 months it was zero and minus. Then I understood how to work with these GEOs, and already in 4-5 months I was able to make quite stable results. 

What kind of budget should you choose for a test? Should I start with $10, with $20? And after what time you can see the results?

10-20 dollars will not be enough, for this money you can get only 2-3 installations, and you will not understand anything from them.

How many creos are usually taken for a test?

If it’s a new GEO and I don’t know what works on it – I take about 5-6 creatives.

Have you had experience with CPL offers, what can you say about them, what are the differences in scaling strategy? 

I had experience. The difference is that you can launch with optimisation not for purchase, but for registration, and it works much better that way. You can work with creatives and make them under registration.

In fact, I would even advise on CPL to start at Tier 1 – it will be a smart decision.

You can scale in terms of budgets and accounts – get an unlimited account. If you have a ready-made bundle on CPL, you can just scale with budget.

How do I raise the quality of traffic on Tier 1 if it doesn’t fit into the CPL?

You have to understand from the beginning what creatives you are putting in. You can only raise it with the help of pooches and the domain of the ad itself. 

What can you say about payment services?

We use EPN, Brocard. We test different bins, because a bin can work today, tomorrow — not. In other words, we need to constantly test and see what happens with payment services.

At what level is budget optimisation done?

Optimisation is done per campaign.

What was the highest ROI you had during the whole period of your practice?

ROI 120.

We start CPL and in the first 20 minutes 2-3 registrations arrive and then – silence. What could be the problem?

There can be many problems. The registration form or the registration site itself can fall off. Apps can get banned.  

What to do if the bins of US payments, and accounts – Polish? Whether to change the currency?

Depends on many factors, for example, on what proxy stands – Polish or not. If proxies and accounts are Polish, it is advisable to put the currency also local.

How do I realise that I need to stop and change GEO in order not to drain the entire budget?

It happens that very low-quality clients fly in from the audience, who are not included in the targeting of the advert. What to do in such a case?

You just have to exclude them.

What was your toughest country on Tier 1? Where was the hardest to pour into?

Australia, Canada – you have to find an approach there. These are now, in my opinion, the most difficult GEOs. 

If we test 5 creatives – an ad campaign of 5 ad sets, should each ad have a unique creative?

Yes, it should be unique in each one.

Is budget optimisation set at the campaign or ad set level?

I would recommend at the campaign level, the budget will go to the most targeted creo.

What are your criteria for joining the team? Do you take newcomers?

Yes, of course we do. We consider those who are ready to work in the office in Kyiv. 

Is it better to buy setups, or to link auto registration accounts yourself?

Did you cast for Iceland and Ireland?

Iceland – no, Ireland poured about a year ago. It didn’t work out for me with that GEO. 

What were some negative cases?

The aforementioned Ireland, lack of payments to Kazakhstan, but it’s all normal, it happens.

Why is it better not to work with auto registration?

They get banned very quickly, they don’t optimise. You can pour for 2 days, and you will eventually get banned. 

Name the top 3 apps.

Now we are working with our apps from One Partners, we take TD as a last resort.

Can you recommend a GEO for Tier 2?


What are some alternatives to auto registration for newbill?

Quality agency ones, but you have to look for them. 

What’s the downside of pouring from smartlink to gambling?

Most often – bans and complaints from advertisers.

How long did your most surviving offer last?

2 months.

Did you raise the quality of traffic with the help of IOS apps?

To be honest, yes, we have tried pouring IOS apps. The average cheque was a little bit bigger, but I wouldn’t say the quality was much better. 

Which is better, organic flow or just link?


Is it better to run an app on iOS or Android now?

It’s easier with Android. 

Increasing budget on leads – what’s the best way to do it so that it doesn’t throw off optimisation?

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