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Consumables and their role Igniting quality without burning up the budget

Questions that were covered in the stream:

— What consumables do you need for your launch?

— Please tell us about creatives. How is the process of ordering creatives in affiliates?

— Creatives are ordered according to different schemes, aren’t they? For example, can you order from a personal manager if you are already registered? Do you have a bot for creatives yet?

— What else can you add about the accounts? What are the average prices on them? How are they tested? What is the testing period? How long does it even take to launch?

— How do you even know if it’s a quality account?

— Perhaps tell stories with scammers that have been caught in different shops?

— Where to get the cards?

— Does it make sense to build a setup of accounts, proxies, and billing linked to one GEO? Perhaps there are examples of successful and unsuccessful cases with full setup on one GEO.

— What services are there for USA maps?

— Let’s bring up the issue with working in logs and sellers in logs.

— Is there any sense at all to work with leased accounts?

— What are the prices for proxies?

— Tell us about limited accounts for skylink, how do you knit them and where do you buy them?

— What can you tell about agent accounts? Pros and cons of working with them.

— How long do fan pages that are used in campaigns live now?

— Question about cheaper traffic. What kind of spend and bill is autoreg experiencing on mom, compared to log on mom?

— How do you figure out in a shop where the king is?

— Give examples of proxy sellers.

— How to properly pump fanpage, is it worth shaping it for nutra?

— That is, if I have a product, for example, from hypertension, I fill the FP with this product, the cover also with it and everything else also with it?

— Is there an alternative to Russian shoppes and anti-detect browsers?

— How much spending does the autoreg prolinked on mom? Also some people claim that on the logs trust is many times more.

— What consumables do you need to launch?

— The first thing you need is accounts, because without them you won’t run traffic. It will be difficult to run purchased accounts, which you can buy in our cool shop. You also need to link the cards from which advertising will be paid. 

If you are a beginner – what accounts do you need?

About anti-detect-browser: if you are a beginner – you can get 10 pieces in Dolphin, it will be enough. 

Let’s say you bought an account and you see a lot of incomprehensible symbols in it. You may be frightened by this. Also, many newcomers to the purchased account enter through the login and password. Included with the account is a cookie. They are specially when farming the account find, in order to account was trust, that is, trust. It is necessary to enter only through cookies. 

When you enter through them, the Facebook page should load immediately, already logged in, no matter with which proxy you enter. 

About proxies: if you are a beginner – you can give out mobile internet from your smartphone, it will save money for the first time.

Next, when you have already logged into the account, go to the Ads manager, see if everything is fine with it, go to billing and bind the card. Now there are problems with linking cards as there are a lot of risks, so you can link a card through fan page (FP).

How to do it? Go to the fan page, if it is not created – create it. Add some post, for example, two smiley faces. If there is already a post – just click “promote post”, scroll down, click “promote post” again. The sign “bind card” pops up and you knit your card. You can knit Ukrainian cards – Mono, Izi, Sport. 

So, you knit a card and click “promote”. If you see a bar on the hold – click “pay for the hold”, it is necessary for verification of the card. 

Then go to Ads manager, wait until the advert will be at the stage of verification. And then you can stop and run on your niche – on nutra or gambling. If you now knit through billing, there may be an immediate problem, go risk on the form, so I would recommend going through the fan page. 

Some people say that white falls through the fan page. About that – as when, at the moment it’s a bit of a letdown, right now it’s mostly flying redirects to adverts. 

Do we use spay services? We can look at what our competitors are pouring in, from this we start from, but we try to make such tasks, for which there are no creos anywhere, and that they are relevant.

Of course, we pay attention to the information on this or that GEO, we look at the approach with which to go there. From this we also start from, and then we give the task to the designer for creos.

— Please tell us about creatives. What is the process of ordering creatives in affiliates?

— Some affiliates can do free creatives.

— Creative is ordered by different schemes, isn’t it? For example, you can order from a personal manager if you are already registered? There is no bot for creatives yet?

— Yes, there is no bot yet. You spell out the task on the site and leave a request. Then the designer reviews it, and if he has any questions, he can contact the manager who runs the web. And then it is already clarified – whether the web wanted, whether he sees it that way, we can also give advice on how to better form the task. 

And the manager can also give examples of tasks – both for static and video. According to this example you can form task for the designer. 

Let’s tell you about common mistakes web users make when drafting tasks. 

I advise the web before writing the task to study a little bit the offer itself – go to the product, see the top slots, what people often choose to play, and then write the task and make an order.

One more tip.

This will simplify the work of the designer and you will write what you would like to see. 

In general this information is very helpful and adds trust when creating tasks.

With us at One Partners you register, you have your own account and already inside the PP you can order a creative – right on the site. Before ordering a creo, of course, the offer must be coordinated with the manager, because we connect all the offers ourselves.

— What more can I add about the accounts? What are the average prices on them? How are they tested? What period of time does the testing last? How long does it even take to launch?

— If it’s nutra, we launch mostly king + personal accounts, depending on whether it’s a working offer or tests.

Basically, it will be PAB pharma from about $7, and it’s either limited (Filipino ones are popular now, I think many people have heard of them) or cheaper pharma – from $1.5 and more. This is for offers that have already shown themselves and we are working with them at the moment.

On them, you can use non-PAB pharmas, but well-profarmed ones – 14 days, up to $7. Or also PAB – it depends on what your budget is, we started with pharma and at $1.5. Also it may be auto-regs.

Basically, when we buy in a new shop, we do not take a lot of accounts – we take tests 3-5 farms and 20 autoreg. We read what the seller wrote in the description of the farm. I always look for 2 farms (divided into kings and autoreg) to have some friends there. Non-PAB farming goes mostly with friends. If PAB is up to $3, I call such PAB autoregs. Many sellers trade them, and such can go without friends. 

The main thing is to have friends, two-factor authentication, auto-regs (I take now USA) from 50 cents to a dollar, depending on what add-on there is – there they can be with Facebook, or go two BMs. I’m pouring in mostly BMs + personal autoregs. I don’t really need BMs on autoreg much – I charge without them.  

If the bundle USA, I and the whole team use Ukrainian mobile proxies, regardless of whether it is a Ukrainian account, or even Filipino – that is, from any GEO we use Ukrainian proxies. I haven’t noticed the need to buy a Filipino proxy.

A small clarification. USA – is a type of account, ackeys from the United States. They are Ukrainian, American. In our shop you can buy them and pour. 

About Ukrainian proxy – it is a mobile proxy, as a rule, with IP change, it is one and can be used for all types of accounts. For example, you have bought a proxy, poured it into the antique, and every time you log into your account you change IP. Or you follow a link in your browser, your IP changes, and then you log in to your account.

Thus, you can save money, you do not need to take one proxy for one account and another one for the second one. The proxy will be one and universal.

— How do you even know if it’s a quality account?

— We buy the first test – 5 farms, 20 autoreg. We put in the antic, add a proxy (proxy is put only on the king, that is on farms). Then you prepare links, when it is done – go to accounts (if it is not done through FB-tool), put everything into FB-tool and work through them.

After you have started accounts in the antique, let them rest, wait at least a day (for farming). Autoregisters I start immediately after purchase. You go into the account and a couple of farms can be quickly viewed – whether there are friends, some activity on the wall. Or on the contrary all suspicious – there is nothing, only one photo, no adverts in the feed. Then you can go into the settings and see if the account has set topics and interests at all. 

When accounts are set up, you should also look at cookies. Cookies are the data of the sites that were visited during the account farming. That is, this is what Facebook saw in the visits to the account (except Facebook itself) – what sites were registered on, where they left requests.  For example, we see farming for 14 days, 56 cookies – that’s generally not bad. We go further and see that there is no photo, there is nothing. We go to the settings, see if there are advertising topics, advertising interests, any actions. There’s no point in spending time checking every account. You can look at two, and if there are suspicions – immediately write to the seller and say that the account is empty. I don’t see the point of even checking whether it is normal or not. If there is nothing there – it is better to return it and take it elsewhere. 

Autoregisters are checked in the same way, only we do not look at the interests – there will be nothing there. We just look to see if there are one or two fan pages, photos and two-factor authentication. If everything is fine, we launch. I, if I took accounts in a new shop, I launch on them that I have already worked, those offers that I have already seen how they behave on passing moderation. And from this I’ll start from there – to take account in this shop next time or not.

If I see that the majority of accounts did not pass moderation, or everything went out on the redirect, although on other accounts I have everything passes or the percentage of passing is higher, then, most likely, I will not use these accounts or review what was in it, because of which the quality is worse.

For example, when there is a storm there are accounts of different types, different GEO, and when there were storms on the risks (they still are), then whatever accounts you did not take in the shop or from a private seller, you are flooded and get ban after ban. When you look for accounts at this point, you won’t notice the difference in visualisation – they can be 2-3 times stronger in practice than some vip and king, and even cheaper than accounts that seem better by description and visualisation.

— Maybe you can tell stories about scammers that you’ve come across in different shops?

— There are people who sell launch schemes, firstbill schemes, they ask for $100, $200 or $500 for these private schemes. You pay, and then he throws you on the blacklist, and you are left without money and without the scheme. There’s a lot of that on the market. It’s the same thing with accounts. If you’re looking for some type of limit accounts, you go to an arbitrage chat room, because it’s hard to find such a GEO in shops. You’ll be offered 80-90% scam, these accounts are sold for pennies. You can agree, pay the money, and the seller will disappear.

You need to be careful, serious, reinsure yourself, check the information provided by the seller, ask him for screens. Better yet, ask for a test account – many shops do this. Let’s say a person is a beginner, wants to fill up, but doesn’t know if the account will be of high quality. A good seller, who is interested in earnings, will give an account on the test, and if the account is good – you can buy from him. 

Also, be very careful when you choose PAB-accounts. We mostly launch from them now, because PAB is already passed. But not every shop gives you a document, because most PAB accounts up to $4-5 are PAB-authored, which will have no farming, a blank profile, one photo.

I do not advise you to take such accounts in packs if you have not tried them before, as such accounts will most likely re-fly on PAB and there will not even be a pass document. Such accounts fly out on ban much faster, immediately after pouring.

There was a recent story, I asked a colleague to take a PAB-account with a price in the region of $6. Opened the account, and there was nothing there at all except the PAB patch. There weren’t even any friends for $6. I asked the seller what the $6 was for, he offered to refund it, but before he did he said he didn’t know how much the account should be worth. I mean most of them don’t even know their prices, they charge and write the cost at random. They write the nonsense of “PAB, anti-ban”, but you should only pay attention to the basic criteria – friends, two-factor, cookies, farming time.  

This is marketing from shops that write “VIP, 5 stars, 25 days, friends from 0 to 50, PAB” – and the price is $5-6. By that description, people buy because they have expectations that this is how it’s going to be on this farm. In fact, you take the account – and it is empty, only the plate is worth, but it may not be tomorrow. As a rule, PAB patch lasts up to a month and then disappears.

Now in shops there are positions where it is not written king or farm, but simply written high trust accounts, 15-20 days, PAB and the price for them $3-4. But it’s not a king – it’s the aforementioned PAB autoreg, and it can be even worse than a regular autoreg minimally farmed with a quality proxy. 

Just because it’s an PAB doesn’t mean it won’t fail 100% of the time, it can fail during campaign creation, you press the “publish” button and that’s it.

— Where to get cards?

If you want your own card, there are payment services like Brocard, PST, and so on.

If you want to use your Ukrainian card – go ahead and use it, everything should be fine with the right accounts and set-up.

— Does it make sense to build a setup of accounts, proxies, and billing with a single GEO? Perhaps there are examples of successful and unsuccessful cases with a complete set-up on one GEO.

— It makes sense in Ukraine. It will be much easier to collect farms (they are sold almost everywhere), proxies (we use Ukrainian ones all the time) and autoregisters.

Do we work without assembling a full setup with one GEO? Yes, and all the time. At the moment I haven’t felt any significant difference.  

— What services are there for USA cards?

— There are USA bins on Brocard. PST, – they also have USA bins. The question is how much you are ready to spend on the terms of this or that service. You need to compare and decide.

Besides, not all services can be accessed just like that. For example, a solo player cannot enter Brocard and not everyone is connected. Honestly, I can’t tell you more about it, as we use Brocard on the team as well. It is better to check with the payment services themselves – PST, Anybill. Contact the support and ask how much you need to work with to be able to take cards. 

— Let’s raise the issue of working in logs and sellers in logs.

If he has, for example, several positions in his shop – mixes, USDT, euros, then most of them may not be valid. You will buy these logs and just spit. 

Logs are unpromising because with them you will never have the scale you would like to have. You can go to that log and in 5 minutes it will be invalid. You can pour in a campaign, link a card, and the account user will just go in and change the password. You lose everything. 

I would not recommend working with this type of account. It is better to take your own, autoregis will be at the price of logs, you can also find quality inexpensive farms in our shop. We have autoreg USA, Germany, Poland, and you can bind and do not worry that the account will soon become invalid. 

— Is there any sense to work with leased accounts?

— There are some pretty good accounts on rent, you can make volume out of them. Of course, if the owner of the account will not be worried about the fact that there are large payments, will not get scared and will not change the password (this is if you forget to turn off the alerts). 

In general, rental accounts are better, I think it makes sense to try working with it and see if it’s convenient. I haven’t tried it yet. 

At the same time, don’t forget that rented accounts also come in different qualities. It happens that a seller gives you an account, but the user who rented it out logged in a month or a fortnight ago, so there is almost no activity on the account. This account was just lying around, a person saw the advert and decided to rent it out. Accordingly, when such an account takes a media buyer, immediately comes the ban, or it happens after half a day of work. Therefore, if you want to work with a leased account, you should pay attention to its activity.

Also ask the seller how active the user of the account is. If the account goes into the check, and the account owner gets in touch only after two days or does not answer at all – this is not a very serious approach.

— What are the prices of proxies? 

The quality of the proxy is determined during testing – then you can see its speed and stability. If after two days you see that the speed is low and the proxy is working or not – do not continue to use it, take it from another seller. 

If it works stably with a speed of 30-50 megabits per second, there are no lags and disconnects – it is a good proxy.

— Tell me about limited accounts for skylink, how do you knit them and where do you buy them?

— Limit accounts we took from one American, we saw an ad in the chat. Lately I haven’t taken them, as they fly a lot on risk, and passing after risk is weak. 

We knit them either for personal or BMs. On some strong king, if BMs – add a spare admin there, and you can pour.

— What can you tell me about agency accounts? Pros and cons of working with them.

— Agent accounts are created to pour as much as possible per day for traffic, for purchasing. The plus is that you will not be able to farm or autoreg, which has a limit of maximum 50, 2 and above from each payment, to scale links as you will do it from agent accounts. 

Everyone thinks that agency accounts are super high quality, that you can’t kill them. They aren’t. There are sellers who will give you an agency account that will be worse than autoreg and farming. Unless you find an agency that will give really agency and really quality accounts, then they will never fly out on ban.

Also the plus side is that you don’t have to fret over situations like cards flying out. Agency bans are handled by the agency.

Now for the downside. For example, you work with an agency, you have two accounts, and one of them goes down. You write to the support, and the agency can answer only tomorrow or with a delay of a couple of hours. Work in your team costs (as a rule, it’s teams that work with agencies), traffic costs. Especially if you have a check flying out on your agency account – then the advertising offices usually continue spinning off, and you can’t do anything without the agency. Those are the fat cons.

— How long do fan pages used in campaigns live now?

— Normal life, usually over a month. We mostly use PABs, if you have an offer that you are already working with, which brings money, it’s better to take a PAB fan page. Either you’ll get a PAB yourself when you have a flyout and submit a ticket for a walkthrough, or you can buy a PAB FP (they cost about $8-10) and run from there. I think that kind of FP will live on.

Plus you can run the FP to warm up, collect likes or subscribers. The activity also boosts the fanpage traffic.

— Question about cheaper traffic. What kind of spend and bill is autoreg experiencing on mom, compared to log on mom?

— I haven’t worked with logs. I know that if you take log 250, you may have a limit drop when linking a card. That happens 70-80% of the time.  

— How to understand in the shop, where is the king?

— If it says farming, then it’s kinging. 

— Give examples of proxy sellers.

— There are actually a lot of sellers, I don’t want to advertise to anyone. Most of the sellers have good proxies, you just need to understand how adequate the support and the seller are in case of problems with proxies, how quickly you will be replaced in such cases or refunded.

— How to properly pump a fan page, is it worth shaping it for the nutra?

— Yes, it is better to form a fan page.

That is, they came from a creos they liked, and if the FP is incomplete, trust, although not critical, may drop.

I’ve noticed that leads come from the FP if the FP is filled with a button (action button “Read More”, “Buy”, etc.), plus there is a website. You put a link there, for example from Keitaro to your offer, sign the subs, and if a person places an order through one of those links, you’ll see that the lead came from the FP. I do this and it brings +$200 every month.


— So, if I have a product, for example, for hypertension, I fill the FP with this product, the cover also with it and everything else also with it?

— You can fill it, just be careful not to let Facebook trigger the jar. I put the product on the cover always, I don’t always put the jar on my avatar (I used to have them banned, but I don’t know if it’s because of that or not). I also fill the wall, maybe with some screenshots from the lendee to make it more relevant, as people see the same thing on both lendee and Facebook. You can also post stock photos, photos of cans – 2-4 posts will be enough. 

— Is there an alternative to Russian shops and anti-detect browsers?

— How much spending does the autoreg prolinked on mom? Also some people claim that on the logs trust is many times more.

— Depends on what kind of offer. If you’re running some potency or gambling, there will be a much shorter duration of spend than with joints.  Might even 5 overspend and get banned altogether. 

If you load some hard creo on the same potency there, of course you’ll have it die on microspend up to $10. 

With the offers that I work with, it can be as low as $1000, as high as $500.  Up to $1500 you can spend, but not always. 

Also it all depends on the quality of accounts. Regarding logs, as I said earlier, you can spend $200-300 and your log will become invalid, because a user of this page will come in and take the account and you will lose everything. If you want to spend more – look at limit accounts or good farms, they are not inferior to the quality of logs.

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